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The Countryside Leader Award (CLA) is for adults who wish to lead walks and camping expeditions in non-remote, lowland countryside. This is the quickest and cheapest ways for adult leaders to gain a nationally recognised award.

It is recognised by Adventurous Activity Licencing Authority (AALA) and the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel as being adequate evidence of a person's technical competence. Many types of walk and camping trip fall within the scope of the CLA. If you would like to use it for DofE expeditions, the scope corresponds with the recommended bronze and silver expedition terrain.

The course is split into the following parts:

  • Training takes place over 3 days, with day 1 being mostly in the classroom, followed by 2 days in the field learning and developing skills.
  • There is a consolidation period for you to develop what you have learnt, based on the development plan you get at the end of the training course.
  • Assessment takes place about 3 months later, runs over a 3 day (2 nights) expedition, and includes a night navigation test.

The course costs £320 (for combined training and assessment) and includes camping fees, but not your food or CLA registration fee, which is paid direct to the awarding body. We run regular training and assessment courses in the Suffolk/Essex area throughout the year. If you decide to just do the training or assessment course with us, then the cost is £175 per course.

Exemption - if you have attended training for WGL, HML or ML you are exempt from the training element of the course. Please contact us to discuss.

Find out more about the entry requirements.

Course Dates - We will not be running a CLA course this season.


Location: Boxford Spinney Scout Camp site:


Assessment starts at 6pm on a Friday evening and runs until 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

Location: Boxford Spinney Scout Camp site:


To book a course please complete the following form: Course Booking Form