Why choose us?

East Coast Outdoors provides an expedition manager to coordinate with your organisation and ensure that everything is in place to make a young person’s experience as enjoyable and challenging as possible. We have 50 years’ (combined) experience of DofE and believe it provides and will continue to provide amazing opportunities for young people.

We take responsibility for the whole expedition from drop off until the last participant has been collected.  Staff who wish to attend do so in a pastoral support role and do not form part of our ratios. We can attend parents’ evenings, school assemblies or provide handouts for parents and young people. 


It’s important isn’t it.  Hidden extras raise the cost and parents want to know how much they must pay.  We have done everything we can to be as transparent as possible.  Our biggest outlay is staff costs and insurance. 

Our Bronze packages range from £140 - £175 depending on numbers, what you want to achieve and whether you want a practice expedition or not.

Silver packages range from £200 - £245 depending on numbers and what you want to achieve.

Gold packages are priced at £375.

Open expeditions are priced to cover additional costs for smaller groups, details are on the Open Expeditions page.

What is included:

  • Maps, compasses, tents, stoves and fuel.
  • Expedition Manager who will co-ordinate with you and support from start to finish.
  • Expedition Leaders, Competent Adults and Assessors.
  • Helpful handouts at important milestones such as consent forms, kit lists, meal planning etc.
  • We have limited stock of rucksacks, waterproofs and roll mats and other items which we can provide free of charge (subject to satisfactory return) if required.

Choosing a date:

Its up to you (and our bookings) and what works.  Exam pressure, timetables and holidays are all factors so talk to us and we will find a set of dates to suit.

Follow these links to find out more about each package:

Bronze Package - Without Practice Expedition

Bronze Package - with Practice Expedition

Silver Package

Gold Package 

Open Expeditions/dofe-award-expeditions/open-expeditions

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